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Let's Just Go Home... We wore some silly outfits and pulled more than our share of stunts

Buzz "Mr. Soul" Thompson
Buzz "Mr. Soul" Thompson was a founding member of The Hangmen in Peterborough in the 60's. After a brief hiatus from the music business he returned to play with various acts including Gary and the Goodtimes and was a guest on the Safari of Stars* before he eventually joined up with Max Mouse and the Gorillas and recorded two of his original songs on the "Stilla Gorilla" LP. He also recorded these two and another original on the recent Max Mouse and the Gorillas "Live at the Red Dog" CD. For several years he has played guitar and harmonica and added vocals with Ronnie Hawkins and continues to play with Ronnie and the Gorillas. In between gigs with these acts he has performed with the Partland Brothers and also recorded a CD with The Fossils . Buzz has his own CD with his band "The Downtown Sound" and is active with this outfit when not on the road.

Jim "Jimbo Lewis" Leslie
Jim "Jimbo Lewis" Leslie met the Heavenly Jukebox during their summer of gigs at the Rockhaven in Minden and helped facilitate the transition through Uncle Bobby's Aerial Ballet to Max Mouse and the Gorillas. Known as "the king of the jungle drums" he adds the solid frenetic energy to JP's funky bass and helps create the dancing fervor which has made "Max and the Gorillas" a dance-hall favorite over the years. Jim has appeared with many different acts including the Goofy Newfie and all-round great songwriting genius Roy Payne. He is a sometime member of the "Downtown Sound" and, between his successful careers as a finishing carpenter and school teacher, Jim is the heartbeat of the Gorillas.

J.P. Hovercraft
Jim "JP Hovercraft" Price is an ex-pat West Virginian who met up with a number of Peterborough musicians at Trent University. This contact led to his membership in Bacon Fat, The Heavenly Jukebox and eventually Max Mouse and the Gorillas, of whom he is a founding member. Since the early recordings, JP has performed extensively with the brilliant Joe Hall and the Continental Drift as well as Rita Chiarelli and The Innocent Bystanders, a group he founded with George Bertok and Dave Bingham (Ugly Ducklings). JP also began his own "Hovercraft Studios", maintains a webpage dedicated to Mellotron samples and is gainfully employed in the computer industry.

web: The Innocent Bystanders
e: jprice@trentu.ca

George Bertok
George Bertok, known as "Art Nouveau" when performing with Max Mouse and the Gorillas, was also a founding member of Sumac with Bobby Watson, Paul Healey and Donny McCallum. George has experience in various studio settings, including a sting in London England where he worked with Dee Long (Klaatu) (George Martin) among others. George was the leader of his own group in Peterborough with Blaine Pascoe and Paul Healey and also a founding member of Bacon Fat and Max Mouse and the Gorillas, as well as The Innocent Bystanders. George maintains his commitment to good music by harboring a fine home recording studio where he produces spectacular instrumental cd's and also passes on his knowledge to promising young music students.

Bobby Watson
Bobby Watson was a founding member of Peterborough's The Hangmen with Buzz Thompson in the 60's and, later, Sumac with George Bertok, Donny McCallum and Paul Healey and Bacon Fat with Terry Benstead, Richard Gullison, Zeke Mazurek, Dennis Delorme, JP Hovercraft and Cris Cuddy before joining Ottawa based Ensemble with whom he also backed other artists including his friend Colleen Peterson, and also a member of Coyote, sharing guitar duties with the near-legendary Al Manning. He lent his nickname to the band Uncle Bobby's Aerial Ballet which featured him with bassist "Suitcase" James Stanley (Ronnie Hawkins, Tim Williams, Alien Rebels etc.), steel guitarist Alan Kates (Cement City Stompers, Roy Payne, Sylvia Tyson etc.) plus Cris Cuddy and Jim Leslie of the Gorillas. Bobby has recently returned to his solo career and also to the Gorillas after several years living and playing the blues on Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee. Bobby has his own CD available, which he recorded together with Canadian bluesmen Jackson Delta in their electric format featuring Alan Black (former Gorilla), Rick Fines (Rick Fines Trio), Gary Peeples (Chris Whiteley) and Andy Pryde (Humber College Studio).

Cris "Max Mouse" Cuddy
Cris Cuddy has continued to lead Max Mouse and the Gorillas whenever possible and also done a great deal of recording both with Andrew Hardin (Tom Russell) and Bruce Moffet (Prairie Oyster, Corey Hart), resulting in the "Max Mouse presents Cris Cuddy" CD featuring Kevin Breit (KD Lang, Cassandra Wilson), Gene Taylor (The Blasters, The Fabulous Thunderbirds) and Albert Lee (Eric Clapton, Everly Bros.) And with Rusty McCarthy (Mary Margaret O'Hara) at the Vanishing Castle, including the new CD "Come Along Carmelita" which also features Fats Kaplin (Tom Russell, Manhattan Transfer), George Meanwell (Quartetto Gelato), Don Rooke (The Henry's, Mary Margaret O'Hara), Victor Bateman (Vektor) and Al Cross (Big Sugar, Jane Siberry). Also a CD recorded with George Bradfute, Fats Kaplin and Steve Ebe "East Nashville Sessions", done off and on during a couple years in Nashville. With the current release of the 60's folk collector's item "Jeremy Dormouse" and the "Come Along Carmelita" CD's he hopes to see "East Nashville Sessions" and "Max Mouse Presents Cris Cuddy" released in the fall along and a new recording with Bradfute tentatively titled "The Dormouse Rides Again".

web: criscuddy.com
e: criscuddymusic@aol.com

Who Is This Max Mouse Anyway? Photos, Handbills, Odds & Ends
Let's Just Go Home...We wore some silly outfits and pulled more than our share of stunts

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