As Max says:  “Come to listen, come to dance, All you gotta do is take a chance”

“Tortured-with-a-twist-honkey-soul-twang” ...a voice equal to the power of the writing.  Four stars."


(Glenn O'Brien - Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine)

Buzz “Mr. Soul” Thompson has been around the world playing guitar and harmonica and singing with Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks, impressing everyone with his beautiful voice and expressive playing.  Before joining Ronnie he had a deep history playing RnB in Toronto, then joined up with Max Mouse and the Gorillas and recorded his original songs on the “Stilla Gorilla” LP and “Alive” CD.  Somehow he also found time to make a great solo CD of his “Downtown Sound” and currently sings and plays harmonica with the Gorillas.

John Lang, or Johnny Homburg as Max calls him, is the mystery man of the group, quietly manning the keyboards then acting out unexpectedly in a raucous and crowd-pleasing manner.  In the 70's John moved from performing with Rough Trade and other notables to a decade of composing for dance troupes including the National Ballet, then another couple providing TV scores.  Definitely a dark horse and one to keep an eye on.

Jimmy (Jimbo Lewis) Leslie, the King of the Jungle Drums propelled the transition through Uncle Bobby’s Aerial Ballet and on to Max Mouse and the Gorillas. He adds the solid frenetic energy to JP’s funky bass and helps create the dancing fervor which has made Max and the Gorillas a dance-hall favorite over the years. Jimmy is the heartbeat of the Gorillas. He has also recorded with renowned artists Michael Behnan and Dennis O'Toole.

Cris Cuddy is a Grammy nominated songwriter who started out in the folkie era, recording two LP's as Jeremy Dormouse with some talented friends, but after hearing Bobby Watson and Buzz Thompson he was inspired to move on to rock and blues, and Max Mouse and the Gorillas.  Cris has recorded several solo CD's  and his songs have been recorded by Canada's legendary Prairie Oyster and IBMA winning bluegrass artists Claire Lynch, Jim Hurst and the Spinney Bros.

JP Hovercraft, Electric Bass from Outer Space, signed up for Bacon Fat, stuck around for The Heavenly Jukebox and helped Max corral the Gorillas. Since the early recordings, JP has performed extensively with the brilliant Joe Hall and the Continental Drift as well as Rita Chiarelli and many others and is also front-man and lead vocalist for his own rockin' bluesy band Rezonator whose debut CD is on the horizon.

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Many thanks to special guest Gorillas:
Wayne Lemke
Delbert Metherel
Clifford Maynes
Limited Edition Tshirts Available only at our shows! $20 each (s-m-l-xl)


* The Red Dog, Feb 10, 2018

Fundraiser for Lakefield Animal Welfare Society- $1200 raised

* The Red Dog, Dec 9, 2017

Fundraiser for Operation Catnip - $450 raised

* The Venue, Nov 19, 2017 - Benefit for Ricky Young.

* The Spill - Oct 7, 2017

Fundraiser for Turtle Trauma Centre - $250 raised.

* The Spill - Sept 2, 2017

Fundraiser for ARK - $345 raised.

* Dr Js - PMBA Blues Jam - July 15, 2017

* Peterborough Ribfest - July 8, 2017

* The Spill - July 1, 2017

Fundraiser for Safe Haven for Refugees - $275 raised.

* The Spill - June 3, 2017

Fundraiser for Yes Youth and Family Shelter - $400 raised.

* The Spill - May 6, 2017

Fundraiser for Peterborough Rock Camp for Girls - $450 raised.

* The Spill - April 1, 2017

Fundraiser for Kawartha Lakes Animal Wellness Society -  $705 raised

* The Historic Red Dog Tavern - Feb 12, 2017

Fundraiser for Lakefield Animal Welfare Society - $1800 raised

* The Spill - Dec 31,  2016

Fundraiser for Operation Catnip - $755 raised

* The Spill - Nov 19, 2016

* The Spill - Oct 8, 2016

* Killaloe Arts Festival - Aug 6, 2016

* The Spill - July 30, 2016

* The Historic Red Dog Tavern - July 16, 2016








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Max Mouse and the Gorillas have been described as  “Intense, original, country tinged blues and boogie, reggae, rock, and more!” and are a group with a storied past who are experiencing a resurgence of popularity due to their strong stage presence and unique high energy sound.


Early in the band’s history Max Mouse and the Gorillas brought original music into the scene when it was populated mainly with cover bands. Once their popular dance hit “Reggae Love” crept onto the radio it opened the door to an endless string of dance parties, funky festivals, club dates, university pubs, NORML benefits and more as they blazed a trail from the legendary Harpo's in Victoria through the fabled Dollar Bill's in Kingston and on to the gritty Larry's Hideaway in Toronto and back again.


With a storied history, a Grammy nominated songwriter, and seasoned players who have recorded and/or performed with Ronnie Hawkins, Rough Trade, Rita Chiarelli, Prairie Oyster, Jackson Delta, Joe Hall and The Continental Drift and many others, today’s Max Mouse and the Gorillas brings a wealth of talent, power, passion, and creativity rarely seen, not to mention the instant dance-ability they are known for.


The band continues to excite audiences with their big beat, fine singers and a great cross-section of songs.  Since reuniting in early 2016, Max Mouse and the Gorillas has been attracting a growing number of music lovers to their popular live gigs.  Their energy, stage presence, and sense of humour delights audiences of all ages.